Barry was born in Vermont and grew up just outside Orlando, Florida. He actually did work for a “Mickey Mouse” outfit during high school as a “Food & Beverage Host” in Fantasy Land of the Magic Kingdom.

His first exposure to computers was in a lab on campus at Dartmouth College, while visiting relatives, in the early ’80s. That was followed by an introduction to BASIC on a TRS-80, long, long after punch cards were declared extinct.

After graduating from high school, Barry enlisted in the Army where he was trained as a Medical Laboratory Technician. He served in Landstuhl, Germany (it was West then), Frederick, MD, San Antonio, TX, Ft Bragg, NC, and partook in the bail out of some UN aid workers in Somalia.

During the three year tour at a Blood Bank in Germany he discovered the wonder of beer fests, brat fests, wine fests and just about anything else that a German could suffix with fest. Working in the blood bank again exposed Barry to computers. To maintain a contact list of donors for pediatric needs, he used a now arcane program called Nutshell which ran under DOS on an 8088.

Barry’s only child Ryan was born days before his twenty-first birthday. His first grand child was born a few months after his forty-second.

In the late ’90s, while working on the installation of a clinical laboratory information system, Barry met the love of his life, Silvia Eyster. She promised to let him retain most of his childish ways and not expend her energy trying to change him. Silvia also supported his efforts to learn programming and attempt a career change.

Since then Barry has matured a little. He has grown as a person and matured as a developer. He has written code for intranet portals, pseudo-document management systems, an adaptive survey tool, tracked pooled reusable assets and item-level inventory tracking solutions.

Barry is a fan of automobile racing in many flavors. He also enjoys wondering aimlessly, accompanied by Silvia, through wooded areas or parched deserts, pointing a camera at wild critters, bees, ground squirrels, dragonflies, birds, mushrooms and anything else that may catch their eye. He has also become quite adept at turning perfectly good pieces of wood into lots of saw dust and small bird feeders.