Born in Vermont, Barry grew up outside Orlando, Florida. He actually did work for a “Mickey Mouse” outfit during high school as a “Food & Beverage Host” in Fantasy Land of the Magic Kingdom.

Barry is a fan of automobile racing in many flavors. He also enjoys wondering aimlessly, accompanied by Silvia, through wooded areas or parched deserts, pointing a camera at wild critters, bees, birds and anything else that may catch their eye.

A few years ago Barry discovered a hobby in craft beer. He and Silvia have since won gold medals for their home brew beer recipes.

As a Principal Consultant with Improving in Dallas, Barry is a web developer, Scrum Master, and agilist. Barry has co-presented talks at Agile 2018, Agile 2019, and regional agile gatherings. Barry is also an award-winning home brewer and an avid amateur photographer.