What does transformation mean for an organization of people? Organizations treat an agile transformation as a singular event. It is a budgetary line item, a noun, a one-time metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. Expert agilists who have “been there, done that” are sought to guide the transformation. While one gains credibility by having “been there, done that,” what impact does that have on our vision? How does this distort our ability to be empathetic? To meet the organization where they are?

As agilists, how are we affected by our relationships with these transforming organizations? What would it mean for us to be transforming alongside others in the organization? What happens if we are steadfast and unchanging as a witness to others’ transforming? As the experts, we lean on “proven methods” and “best practices”. How do those color our view and demand that people transform in a particular way? What might happen within the organization if we more actively transform ourselves? What would it mean to transform the way we assist organizational transformations?

We’d like to explore transforming as a verb. Join us as we zoom in on who and what is transforming through agile transformations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Insights you have that others may be overlooking
  • Insights others have that you may be overlooking
  • Ways in which your insights and others’ can enhance each other
  • Things you thought you knew, but there’s more to it than that
  • New beginnings to explore this topic more deeply